A drug addict is at a dead end but he has to choose between saving his own life or giving it all up to face the inevitable death. With Just 4 cedis, he has the chance to make a choice between life and death.
HOME COMING BASH (MUSIC) – A selection of Ghanaian popular and classical music.
DILEMMA OF A GHOST (DRAMA) -Ato, a Ghanaian from the Odumna clan returns to Ghana from his studies in North America as a graduate and brings with him a black American wife. His family is confused because marriage is not between two individuals but the two families of the groom and the bride; more so, when Ato reveals that his wife has no tribe. How does Eulalie survive her existence among the Odumna clan? How does Ato manage his life as a graduate between his family and his wife Eulalie, whose culture is different from that of the Odumna clan?
GAJIA DUNIA (DANCE) – A Dance piece that explores the journey called life and its complexities.
MIXED BAG (MUSIC) – A night of Ghanaian Popular Music.
IMAGES OF CONFLICTS (DANCE) – A Dance piece and acts that brings to the fore conflicts in our societies.
AYIIYI – A total theatre performance that uses music, dance, and drama as a vehicle to showcase the unique Ghanaian regional cultures.
BRIDE OF THE GOD’S (DRAMA) - One day, a high priest catches the only daughter who is betrothed to the gods of their land, in an uncompromising position with Subinzali, his head servant. The high priest imprisons Subinzali awaiting execution as sacrifice to the gods. Can Nderize who is referred to as the flute of the gods exonerate her loved one? Or will the gods punish the two love birds for disregarding the oath the high priest has sworn to the gods?
'Concert Party' is on 26th November 2023 !! Come and watch captivating indigenous comedy and drama show spiced with live band music at the Folksplace, national theatre.
We are glad to partner Image Bureau and April Communications to deliver this theatrical masterpiece on 2nd and 3rd December. Don’t miss “The gods are not to blame” live at the National Theatre.
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An “edutainment” variety show for pupils (primary to JHS) from various schools to showcase their talent in drama, music, dance (Traditional & contemporary) poetry amongst others. (February, March, May, June, October)