Prophet Damascus presides over a cathedral. He is so powerful that the devil himself is scared of him, but he has Nicholas under his roof. Nicholas is a  Judas because he steals with excellence and flawless tactics. Whereas Prophet Damascus devices ways to change Nicholas, Nicholas devices ways to sell the cathedral. 

Laughter and moral lessons  are the conspicuous stitches that have woven the plot of this drama into a befitting garment for its audience .

Introducing “Nyanabasa”! A powerful and thought-provoking theatrical production exploring the complexities of gender stereotypes and societal expectations. Join us on a journey of self-discovery as we delve deep into the heart of what it means to be human. With a talented cast and crew, stunning choreography, and an emotive score, this is a performance not to be missed

A platform to discuss the issues around arts and culture. Every first Wednesday of the month. 

An educational and entertaining variety show for children from various schools to showcase their talent in drama, music, dance, and poetry, among others.

The quest to find the ultimate connection between ourselves and our deep roots in origination. As individuals we daily question where we came from and where our journeys lead to. What’s the ultimate end of our time here on earth. We’re constantly seeking to find our purpose and what gives us satisfaction. Through this piece we tend to find inner peace, connection and purpose. We seek to unleash the full potential of our bodies to guide us in our search, for we acknowledge that our bodies are temples, we seek to find the habitant of our temples and how to satisfy both ourselves and our temple master.

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An “edutainment” variety show for pupils (primary to JHS) from various schools to showcase their talent in drama, music, dance (Traditional & contemporary) poetry amongst others. (February, March, May, June, October)