THEME: “Celebrating Ghanaian Culture and Heritage through partnerships and linkages”

Come and experience live painting sessions and also have rudimentary painting lessons with talented artists from the Visual Art Students Empowerment Project (VASEP) from Tuesday, September 26 to Sunday, October 1 @ The Lobby of The National Theatre @10am to 10pm daily.

Join a team of dancers to take you through after work exercise using traditional dances such as Agbadza, Adowa, Damba, Kpanlogo etc for free from 4pm to 6pm on Tuesday, September 26, 2023 only @ The Ghana Theatre Festival 2023.

On a journey from Bantama to Kasoa, the unexpected yet expected happens… To know how it all ended, come and watch ‘Kasoa Last stop’ on Sept 27 at the Folksplace of the National Theatre @ 7pm.

Come and experience creativity and innovation at its best as students of Accra Technical University, The Department of Fashion Design and Textiles hit the runway on sept 28 to display stylish clothing’s from their wardrobe at this years Ghana Theatre Festival at the national theatre.

When a man mysteriously loses the motorbike (Okada) his master buys for him for work, he goes beyond all limits to look for the thief.

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Efu Pɔnkɔ is uniquely a folk story based on the music composed by the late Bob Cole titled, “Ɛdwen ɖɛɛ ɛre yɛ me”. The tale talks about a community where a certain animal called “Efu Pɔnkɔ” lives. After eating and getting satisfied, Efu Pɔnkɔ goes about doing foolish things in the community. He refuses to listen to the wisdom of his friend the “Cat” to stop the foolishness and rather calls him a thief.

One day, through his foolishness , he kicked his master’s son, which necessitated the rushing of the boy to a hospital. The medical doctor tried hard to save the boy’s life, but to no avail. The master’s son died. The death of Camel’s master’s son landed all the other animals – Horse, Goat, Sheep, Cow and Fowl, in trouble. The Horse got hurt while running to call the doctor to save the boy’s life. Towards the funeral, all the other animals were taken to the slaughter house for the preparation of sumptuous meals for sympathizers, family members and friends, who will come to mourn.

This story relates to so many occurrences in real social life situation facing Ghana today. They can easily be identified nationwide in illegal mining, poor sanitation, ethnic conflicts, teenage pregnancy and school dropouts, ru
It also focuses on highlighting and addressing other issues like rural and urban migration, stowaway through cargo ships bound to other countries , coupled with other problems will be sequentially choreographed artistically in the performance.

Conversations is an experimental dance piece highlighting the relationship between the performer and the audience exploring the connection between them.

The Audience and The Artists will be using Music and Dance as a medium for communication.

If Music and Dance were the only languages, would you still have conversations?

Join Award-winning Ghanaian Comedian, Lekzy Decomic, for the third Edition of his annual ‘Too Cute 2 Be Mute’ Comedy Special.
With the election year in Ghana so close, the Theme of the Third Edition, “Can-Pain Message”, is a compilation of the promises and Campaign messages politicians share with Ghanaians ahead of the big elections.

Dzormo an intelligent, talented and obedient model daughter faces a difficult choice: follow her dreams or please her demanding father. Will she risk everything for her passion? Dzormo yearns to be a chef, but her father insists she works in the family business. To pursue her culinary dreams, Dzormo runs a secret online food joint at night. But the pressure of hiding her true passion leads to panic attacks.
An incredible opportunity arises for Dzormo, but… the catch? She must leave the family business and risk being disowned by her father.
Desperate to break free, Dzormo develops a devious plot in bid to get her father to fire her. What is this devious plot? Can she create enough chaos to convince him to let her go? Or will she have to sacrifice her dreams?
As tensions rise, a shocking secret held by Daddy is revealed and threatens to tear the family apart. Experience “Daddy’s Personal Devil,” a captivating tale of family, mental health, and the struggle between tradition and passion. Will Dzormo choose her own path? If she does, what will be the repercussions?
Find out in this suspenseful production that will leave you guessing until the end.

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An “edutainment” variety show for pupils (primary to JHS) from various schools to showcase their talent in drama, music, dance (Traditional & contemporary) poetry amongst others. (February, March, May, June, October)